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Grooming Marvellous

Welcome To Grooming Marvellous

Grooming Marvellous functions as a fully equipped grooming parlour, catering for all breeds and temperaments of dog. The parlour has a large, fully enclosed garden for the dogs to enjoy themselves and roam freely, creating a relaxed, happy atmosphere for all dogs, including those who may be nervous or challenging.
There is free parking in Kingsland road for a quick and convienient drop-off and collection.
Grooming Marvellous has staff professionally trained by a local well-established groomer. I myself have 15 years of grooming experience in practicing from home on friends' and families' dogs and now running my own parlour.
We are now into our eighth year of business and as we become more established it will remain very important to us not to overbook the working day. This is to allow adequate time getting to know the dogs and to build relationships with you, the owners, on a daily basis.

We have the equipment and ability to groom larger breeds. It is also felt that introducing puppies to the parlour at a young age is important. We like to encourage an early stage visit, dropping your dog off for an hour or two to play in the parlour, getting used to the different noises or even having a little brush out to get used to the sensations. This could also be a great part of your puppy's development in socialisation with people and other dogs.
We take pride in giving an excellent one-to-one service, where our aim is to provide a head-to-tail,
clean-cut grooming service in a safe and happy environment.

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  • Hand-Stripping
  • Ears
  • Anal Glands
  • Nail-Clipping
  • Micro-chipping
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How To Contact Us

Laura Cashmore
Grooming Marvellous
1 Kingsland Road

Tel: +44 (0) 7814 104453