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Pam Weinbren

Just want to express my thanks to Laura for the fantastic job she did on my spaniel Henry. I am particularly pleased because Henry is a rescue dog with some problems and not only has she succeeded where others have failed, but he looks and smells so good now!


Hi Laura,

Just wanted to say thanks again for doing such a great job with
Laika`s grooming on Saturday. I can`t move for people stopping me to
say how cute she is and to ask if she`s a puppy - which makes me laugh
as she turns six this week! I told several people where she`d been
groomed and recommended you.




I just wanted to say thank you very much for the fantastic job you did. We were really pleased with the meticulous job you did on his ears and feet in particular and the quality of the cut in general: so even and such a great tail shape.

We have had even more people than usual stop and tell us how lovely he is. On my way back on Friday a passenger in a car stuck at traffic lights was mouthing "you`re so beautiful, I love you" to Ted.

Brunos Mommy

A fantastic service - Bruno loves visiting Laura, comes home looking great and smelling so sweet.

Thank you

Emma Butler

I met Laura at a dog show that i went to with my shaggy looking lurcher Willow whos 13 , i asked her if she could clip Willows claws because they havent been done for ages because they are dark coloured . which she did .
She then recommended to me that i get Willow stripped( which she never has had done before ) i agreed if she could do it there and then , which she said yes to , she told me to come back half hour later , i was abit worried that Willow would fret bout me leaving her , but silly me when i came back for her she was lying down on the table so relaxed and she didnt want to get off .
PLUS she looked fantastic and the bonus is that Willow dont pant so much in this heat . And the cost was not as much as i thought it would be .
So thank you so much Laura i will def recommend you to my friends

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