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General Grooming Sessions

A grooming session will begin by working with you to asses the condition of your dogs coat, what needs to be done, e.g; Hand strip, de-mat, clip or just bath and scissor.

Clipping, Scissoring and Hand Stripping

Clipping and hand stripping is done before bathing to ensure that the shampoo gets through to the under coat also it is important to clear the body of matted hair or dead hair, the shampoo will just knot them tighter.

Bathing and Drying

Your dog is transferred to the bathing area, cotton wool is placed into their ears to stop any water from entering the ear canal. They are shampooed a minimum of two times.

Ear Cleaning

A lot of breeds form a soft hair inside the ear canal this needs to be plucked out as it can cause infections in the ears, this problem is common in breeds like poodles.

Anal Glands

During the bathing session the anal gland is emptied, this is beneficial for elderly or overweight dogs that might have a problem with the workings of the gland.

Nail Clipping and Paw Trimming

Your dogs paws are shaped with scissors, trimming in between toes and under their pads. The grooming session is finished off with the trimming of their nails. 


        We are fully qualified Micro-chip implanters. This is a very simple proceedure that involves injecting a chip into your dogs neck. This rarely hurts the dog as it is done very quickly with a sharp sterilised needle.
The Micro-chip can then be scanned by a reader which is held by all vets and dog wardens, this is one of the safetest forms of identification your dog can wear. If they are lost or stolen they will be very quickly reunited with thier owners.
This is offered at the very low price of £15. An appointment is required for this but can generally be done on the day you call.
Check out the micro-chipping page on the site map below. 

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