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Bathing And Drying


Once your dog has been clipped, cleared of knots or even just brushed out it is time for their bath. They are transferred to the bathing area and secured into the bath.
Cotton wool is then placed into their ears, this is to prevent any water from entering the ear canal and therefore stopping any risk of causing an ear infection.
At the parlour we use two types of shampoo on the dogs:
  • The most commonly used is Aloe Jojoba, this is a general purpose shampoo, that we have found very effective in deep cleaning the coat, creating a great shine and a long lasting fresh smelling fragrance to your dog which is easy on their skin.
  • The other is Evening Primrose Oil, which we use on all of our dogs that have sensitive skin. The breed that it is mostly used on is West Highland Terriers as they are prone to irritated skin. In my experience this shampoo is fantastic in healing the dogs' skin.
An example of how effective this shampoo is: We have a little Shih Tzu that started coming to us and she was almost bold on her hind, just a very light covering of wire hair. After just 8 months, consisting of 4 grooming sessions and bathing with EPO, her coat has returned to a full bodied, fluffy coat all over.
Either shampoo is applied twice to the coat and then  rinsed thoroughly: 
  • Wash number one is applied and then rinsed to remove thick, surface dirt.
  • Wash number two ensures that the undercoat has been washed and the top coat is completely free from dirt.
Doing both of these washes mean the coat will dry fluffy, manageable and clean.


Once your dog has been washed they are towel dried in the bath to remove any excess water and transferred back to the grooming table.
A Stand Dryer is then used with a slicker brush to fully dry your dog. The slicker brush is a flat, paddle shaped brush with lot's of little teeth. It is designed to get through to the under coat to take out dead hair, it also aids to untangle long hair and knots, leaving the the coat smooth and straight. 
We do not use cabinet dryers in our parlour, we feel that we do not get the one to one contact with the dogs, which is very important to us. They also do not give the same great result as brushing out the coat with a direct dryer, after bathing.

And lets face it who would like to be stuck in a plastic box with hot air blown under you?

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