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Grooming Marvellous

Grooming Session

A grooming session begins with welcoming you and your dog to the the parlour.
There is an adequetely sized fully secure garden for your dogs to use to make themselves comfortable before they are groomed, but if the dogs have the opportunity to carry out their ablutions before they come for grooming that would be greatly appreciated.
We then work with you to assess what needs to be done, talking about the coat condition, temperment of your dog, what you are looking for out of the session. We do not rush these disscussions, this is designed to put you at ease and allow your dog to calm down in the first stages of their experience.

Basic steps to the groom:

  • Clipping, hand-stripping and de-matting is carried out pre-bathing.
  • Ear plucking. 
  • The dogs are shampooed a minimum of two times, to ensure a clean coat.
  • The anal gland is emptied during bathing. 
  • They are then towel dried and a hair dryer is used with a slicker brush to straighten out the coat. 
  • Re-clip and scissor.
  • Nails are clipped.
Your dog is now finished, this is the point when they are let out into the garden to have another tinkle and mess around with a ball. Leaving a very smart, happy dog.

Extra information:

  • For each grooming appointment we like to allow at least 2 hours.
  • Pre-booking is required for an appointment.
  • A cancellation of at least 48 hours notice is required, or a small charge will be incurred.


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