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Paw Trimming and Nail Clipping

Paw Trimming:

Running, jumping, digging and those long walks along the beach, parks and riverbeds are what your dog lives for, therefore, your dogs' paws are one of the most important parts of their body.
So keeping the paws in working order is essential. 
When they are out on their walks it is very easy for them to pick up foreign objects which get stuck in the long hair that grows under and in between the pads. The most common thing to get stuck is grass seeds, if these work their way under the skin it can cause a severe infection.
One of the final steps to the grooming session is trimming the paws into shape and clipping underneath the pads, getting rid of the long hair that not only picks up bits but in time will form a mat that will get tighter and tighter, making it uncomfortable to walk on.
The other benefit to this trimming is that their paws will stay cleaner after them muddy walks and therefore you do not have a mucky kitchen floor to scrub.
In between grooming sessions it would benefit your dog if you checked every time you came back from a walk for objects and muddy knots.

Nail Clipping:

Finally a session is finished off with your dogs' nails being trimmed.
Most dogs rarely if ever need their nails trimmed. Walking on hard surfaces, such as the pavement, will naturally wear down the nails. But untrimmed nails can break, bleed or even grow into the feet, causing the animal a lot of discomfort. Hearing a 'click-click-click' as your pet walks on hard floors is the most obvious sign that nails need a clip.
This is a very delicate process that should not be rushed. Running down the centre of the nail is a vein, most commonly known as the quick, which on white nails is the pink section. The quick contains nerves and blood vessels and when nicked will bleed easily. It grows as the nail grows, so if you wait a long time between cuttings, the quick will grow closer to the end of the nail.
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